New Sewing Machine & Serger

I have had the amazing luck of finding a refurbished heavy duty sewing machine and serger. They were snagged from, at the unbelievable prices of $99 and $179. They’re both heavy-duty and they’re both refurbished, but I do not mind at all about that one bit.They are both from Janome, a brand that is probably better than my basic Brother. The basic Brother models have a known tension problem, where there will be minimal to no tension adjustment. It is a flaw of the model, I hear. Anyway, I am looking forward to the one step buttonhole and multiple sewing machine feet and stitches!

Unfortunately, I do not have any old photos of early sewing projects because I have the bad habit of cannibalizing my old projects. They are always the projects that I am too embarrassed to wear or the ones that did not come out right.

In unrelated news, I have discovered that baby wipes and extra virgin olive oil are great make-up removers. I am loving the baby wipes, though.


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