New Garb in the Works.

100 Minutes War, is the event that my local SCA group hosts. It is going to be held on November 21st, a Saturday. I do not have any garb left from my brief stay in the re-enactment group, Markland, and have found myself in an interesting predicament: a deadline, and a need for new garb.

I have just ordered 9 yards of a premium wool flannel in coral. It was on sale, and the price was great. This will go towards the gown, if I ever get to it. First, I will need a kirtle. I am thinking about ordering an earth-toned light yellow in medium weight linen, and black for the trim and forepart. Altogether I am very happy with the color scheme, considering that it is all based off of the coral wool find.

For winter I will be needing a much warmer cloak than I have right now, and will be ordering (or asking for Winter Holiday) for 2 army surplus blankets. They are made from a heavy wool, are inexpensive, and two of them are perfect for a winter cloak. I may even ask for 3, if they are cheap enough, so I can attach a hood and trim the bottom.

Whether or not I finish the kirtle and maybe gown in time is yet to be seen, especially with my crazy work and school schedule. I will not be making a period smock in the interest of time, and will be wearing my historically in-accurate white muslin chemise which I usually wear to the renaissance faire. I already have a black corset which I can wear, but if the kirtle is boned, then there is no need for the corset anyway.

Usually, an outfit is sewn from the inside-out, starting with the undergarments. However, I am very pressed for time. Luckily I can eliminate the farthingale, since I am aiming for lower/middle class.

And about the 100 Minutes War itself… I will be the body counter, counting the dead as they are slain on the field of battle. Huzzah!


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