Serger burn.

I have been working on a fairy and a wizard costume for my costume design course. Most of the night has been spent setting up my brand new serger, and learning how to thread it. Believe it or not, it was a lot easier to thread than I was anticipating. Once I figured it out, I did feel satisfied with myself, though. It was harder to learn than the sewing machine, but it’s really not the nightmare that people like to describe it as. I have some ecru thread in it, and no other colors. I was at Jo-Ann’s and picked up four of these cones for my serger. Super awesome tip: when you want to switch colors, or change the thread in the serger, tie the end of the new one to the end of the old one and then just pull through the machine. I learned that in my high school fashion class.

I’m not sure where I’m heading with my shirt. It’s made of a cranberry organza, and I wanted to make a ‘renaissance’ shirt. However, the sheer nature of the fabric is going to make it difficult to pull off. I think I might just serge the ends (rolled hem is for another day), and gather with some clear elastic. I need to get this done, and I think that would save a lot of time. I need to move quickly onto the corset, which will have alternating panels of a luminescent gold decor fabric, and a brocade. The brocade is to die for.

Both of these costumes are being created from scraps, remnants, and recycled fabric (read as: old clothes). The corset will be ‘boned’ with Rigilene, since that is what I have on hand, and in a pinch, you can zig-zag right through it. Just make sure you have a sturdy needle on, and you go very slowly.

The skirt is made from a decor fabric which is brown, and is embroidered to look like tree bark. Perfect, since my fairy is going to be an autumn tree fairy. Hopefully. I don’t think it will turn out quite like my vision, but I think this is good practice of “sewing on a deadline”.


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