Fairy & Wizard; Serging

My fairy and wizard costume is complete! My wizard looks more early medieval than like a wizard, but it came out alright. I started the costume at five in the morning and raced to have it finished. Before that I was working on my fairy costume. That came out okay; I did not have time to finish a lot of the raw edges on the two costumes, but I tried to clean up what I could. Bias tape is your friend.

Threading the serger was easy once I figured it out! Serging is fairly easy as well. However, I do not know how to make a rolled hem; it requires removing the upper knife and doing something with the throat plate. I have no clue what is supposed to go on with the throat plate, but will hopefully figure it out next weekend.

Next up is a costume of Disney’s Belle, created from only found materials. That should be interesting. I have fiberglass screening, plastic tablecloth, window pulls, gasket insulation (which I do not think that I will use) and some old jeans.

I need to get started on my garb soon, because the 100 Minutes War is quickly approaching!


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