Calm Before the Storm

A few thoughts on my serger…
I have discovered that my serger has no need for a separate one-fingered throat plate. (Otherwise known as a rolled hem throat plate). I picked up a basic book of serging – I should emphasize how basic this book is: it is for complete beginners. Pre-pre-beginners. Maybe not that extreme, but it is definitely a book of the absolute basics. But thank goodness for this book, or else I would have been driving myself crazy. Now I just need to figure out how to flip the lever from “S” to “R” so I can slide the plate over.

Other than my serger, I am trying to decide whether or not to enroll in costume construction next semester. It is on a Friday which means that I will not be able to work. However, I have asked Catherine, the costume shop manager, what it is all about, and she told me that it was all about the basics. To work on a more advanced project, I need to bring her samples of my work (since I obviously do not have a portfolio) and she will individualize a project. I could always use some instruction and a refresher in the basics; after all, I am mostly self-taught, and self-taught does not necessarily equal amazing or correct technique.

As for my garb for 100 minutes war, IT IS NEXT WEEK. And I HAVE NO GARB. I am officially entering panic mode: do I go with working class early Tudor? Stick with early medieval? What will be fastest? What will look the best? What is the easiest? I don’t know! I do not think I have time to drape a cotehardie, and I do not think that I have time to create any kind of toile… I think that I am just going to have to start cutting and praying a whole lot.

I need to order some white linen for head rails, and I am hoping that the shipping will make it to my house on time. Crossing my fingers!


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