Quick and Dirty Italian Gown

It is Wednesday. It will soon be Thursday, and 100 Minutes War is on Saturday. I do not have garb yet. What can I come up with quickly, easily, and with the materials I have on hand? A very simple ca. 1490’s Italian dress. It is going to be exceptionally simple, and it is going to be working class, which means that it will be very plain. And this will hold me over until I can put my hands on something more solid and stable. Tonight I am hoping to draft a basic upper body sloper for my dress. It is going to be flat pattern drafted on brown Kraft paper with very minimal tools. Until I can get a more permanent space, everything is done on the fly with what I have on hand.

My parents are selling the house once I graduate, and will be moving into an apartment. I am not sure if my sewing space will be cut down to just my bedroom or if I will move in with my brother, where I will have just a little more room. In the meantime, my only worry is where my sewing table is going to fit. It’s the collapsible one from Jo-Ann’s, minus the storage, which makes it ideal for small spaces. My only worry is that I will not have the room to unfold it and work off of it. If I end up in my parent’s apartment, it will probably go in the living room, but with that being the only room available with three people trying to go about – it is going to be very crowded.

Of course, I could get my own space, but it does not make sense when I’m going to be moving in with Ron in just two years. My projected date for the wedding is sometime in 2012, as my brother is getting married in April of 2011. I do not want our weddings to be too close together, or else we will all go bananas.

However, once I move in with Ron, we would probably be living in UNH family housing for a year, which in itself, is incredibly small. But as of right now, houses are incredibly affordable in northern MA, so I am hoping that when the time comes we find something that will suit us. I am going to keep my eye on the real estate market, since closing on a house takes forever. I figure that if we buy a year before we plan to move in, the paperwork will go through in time. We also want to stay somewhere relatively close to Boston, since that is where Ron projects he will find a job, and probably where I might find something also. (Teaching-wise, forensic-wise, and shop-wise.)

As for the proposal, I am down to a few choices on fake rings. I say “fake” in that I can be very accident prone, so we are going to go with a cubic zirconium stone for everyday wear and tear. I am going to save the diamond for special occasions, so there is minimal chance of loss and accident. The last thing I need to do is get my finger sized, but I have been running around so much lately that I really haven’t had a moment to think of it. As for proposal itself, I am not really sure what Ron wants to do. I feel as if he is waiting for me to give him a definite idea of what I want so he doesn’t “do it wrong”.

Anyway, the rest of my family is very excited, but I feel that they might be a little overwhelmed. Tommy is getting married first, and I hope that I am spacing my own wedding far enough away from his so that we are all not going nuts at once! I think part of my parents plan to sell the house is motivated by the fact that Tommy and I are moving out in the short-term future. Tommy and Jamie are moving into their house this December, which has been an absolute circus!

I wanted to have a themed wedding, but Ron gently pointed out that it might be slightly embarrassing for all parties involved… a.l.a. Oscar & Emma’s Elvis wedding. I did not want an Elvis wedding, though.

I don’t know the first thing about planning my wedding, but I am hoping that if I start now, two years will be enough time to trial and error it. Is this really happening? Wow. This is really happening. It all feels pretty dreamy, but no worries – the stress will set in soon! =D


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