Flat Pattern Win!

I have finally figured out why I was not reaching success with flat patterning the other night, and it is so stupidly simple. I forgot to add seam allowances onto my patterns. That and my armhole didn’t extend as much to the side seam as I needed, but that’s easily fixable.

Success was finally achieved that night after a combination of draping and flat patterning, and I only have one thing to say about it:

Draping on your own body is wicked hard.

I wanted to save up for a regular dress form (Dritz, Singer, the usual adjustable ones) so that when I alter clothing for my family, their measurements are easily accommodated. However, for myself, I wanted to save up for a Uniquely You dress form, so that it is easily mold-able to the corseted (the bodies/stays) for a historical figure. The Uniquely You forms are made out of foam that is then molded due to a zippered cover, and I would think that altering a zippered cover to fit you is easier than padding a form. I kept checking Craigslist for old Wolf forms, but they were all old and falling apart. I will keep checking however, because a professional form is something to die for!

In other news, I re-pierced my ear again (only one hole closed up on me) so I need to leave an earring in it for a month. Re-piercing it hurt. A lot.


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