Little thought about, but erasers are a big part of our lives! It’s very important that the right eraser is chosen.

My eraser collection is very small and has one of each:

1. Vinyl (“Plastic”) Eraser. This is good for erasing a large area. However, if the graphite is dark or heavy, it may smear and leave streaks.
2. Kneaded Rubber. This is excellent for highlighting, shading, or removing small, precise amounts of graphite. It does not wear away, but instead “absorbs” the particles of graphite. You need to “knead” the eraser to keep it’s life.
3. Gum Eraser. This is many people’s least favorite, due to the large amount of residue. However, I find that it’s best for erasing large areas. Just make sure you have a vacuum handy! It really does erase large, dark areas extremely well, in a way that a vinyl/plastic eraser cannot.

I am not a fan of the “pen” erasers. It is made out of an abrasive material that wears away the paper in order to remove the ink. A second kind of pen eraser is made out of chemicals.


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