I’m really terrible about updating this on a regular basis, but I was struck with an either ingenious or silly idea. What about a podcast? I love talking, I did voice overs a long time ago, and had minimal broadcasting and speech training until I found out that communications was not the field for me. I haven’t been up on the recording technology as of late, but I’m sure my modest setup will suffice.

I thought that his might be a good idea when I was surfing the podcasts on iTunes. There was nothing by way of costuming, design, or period reconstructions. I’m no pro, buti do love sharing my progression.

Nevermind progression, here’s what is new!

This weekend is going to be busier than… Something that is exceptionally busy. The toile for the Macbeth production is needed for early Tuesday morning! It’s going to be a very busy and hopefully very productive weekend.

My finished design renderings for Vampire Weekend are due on Tuesday as well. Luckily, I have already finished them. This is quite epic – I am one of those people who never finish anything on time. I always procrastinate and leave everything to the last minute.

Next on the agenda are some offbeat designs for females.


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