Portfolio Time

As an Archaeologist, my portfolio consists of nothing more than lab experience, field experience, and osteological experience all on one piece of paper. However, art is a little more complicated of a field to amass a portfolio for. I’m starting a costume design portfolio and here’s what I need:

-At least four photos of each piece.

  1. The rendering (My drawing/painting of the design)
  2. Muslin toile
  3. Garment on dressmaker’s dummy
  4. Garment on stage

-Fabric swatches

Sounds easy, but the hard part is making all of the items for the photos!

I finished the toile for Macbeth which was approved by Vicki. She said that I had real potential, and that my renderings were better than some graduate students she sees. However, the only thing I need is more experience in the field. We talked it over today, and some coursework would be an excellent way to go. She also said that I would have no problem finding a job in a costume shop since I already sew.

This morning I finally reserved four tickets for opening night of Macbeth. My parents, Ron and I are hopefully heading down to Philadelphia March 19th. I am so excited! (I’m totally doing my happy dance right now…)


Great seamstresses/seamsters spend more time pressing than sewing. You will spend more time prepping and pressing than actually sewing anything. A great seam may be amazing, but no one will see if you don’t press it. Oftentimes, mistakes can be eased out with clever and careful pressing and prep.

And, I’ve learned to “just do it,” and “just go”. Oftentimes while sketching, I over-analyze and spend more time fussing than actually drawing. Apparently the key is to just let go and “do it”.


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