Cloth Menstrual Pads & Philly Update

Macbeth’s Witches came together without a hitch. After a long night of sewing and mostly serging, the costume was received with some pretty good comments. I was then invited to work on Puck from A Midsummer’s Nights Dream for the Philly Shakespeare Theater. I’m extremely excited, as this costume includes some interesting pieces…

I am currently trying to force my way into the costume design program at Boston University. Vicki recommends that I take some time off after undergrad and get some work experience, which sounds pretty good to me. I am also looking at a two year program from BU as well as the six year graduate program.

Anyway, onto the projects! The biggest project on my mind, that is no work related is for cloth menstrual pads. First, I must address the first though about it: “That is so gross!” to be honest, the idea if what is impure is a complex anthropological idea. However, this blog is about sewing and not my area of academic research. So my opiniated answer is this… What must really be disgusting is the person cleaning the bathroom where multitudes of women dispose of their products. They leave residue, and wrappers, and used paraphernalia. What is even more disgusting is that it will take hundreds to thousands of years for all of these one use only products to decompose.

It is not a very environmentally friendly solution. Even more, is that these feminine products can be uncomfortable and potentially socially taboo as is the case in Africa. Especially in Africa, a steady supply of one use products can not be guaranteed, so a reusable solution would be ideal.

For more practical American use, not only are they comfortable but environmentally friendly. What is astounding to me is that there is such a cultural fear of our own bodily functions, that we are paralyzed into environmentally destructive methods to avoid our own social taboos. We rely on one use items so as to live a life of lazy luxury.

Anyway, I am planning a large bulk order of PUL material for reusable pads. Some for myself, most for donation to Africa and Somalia. If anyone wants information or a sewing pattern, you can email me at

So onto the benefits! No more trash talk! Not only are reusable pads comfortable and biodegradeable, they are extremely discreet with no TSS. Many retail disposable brands sell small sized, skinny products that do not provide coverage or stay. A big bonus is having a personalized set that are specifically tailored to your needs and size, and especially the type of underthings that you wear.


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