Macbeth Opening Night & Puck

Macbeth opening night is approaching! I worked at the theater in Philadelphia for the tech and dress rehearsal, fixing tears, holes, and finishing tabards. It was a very fun day.

The costume shop was a room with a dye vat (an industrial stock pot), large table for dying, an industrial sink, and a small table with a Singer sewing machine (7463 Confidence). There was no serger, which I was very surprised at – I ended up having to hand sew all of the tabards to finish them.

I used to think that tabards needed to be way skinnier than they actually need to be. They’re really the size of a normal shirt front and back, but minus the sleeves, and not sewed together at the sides. There is no shaping. The only “issue” that needed to be resolved with the tabards was the fit at the shoulders.

In other news, Puck, for Midsummer’s Nights Dream has not had any real progress so far. The shirt and pants are already fitted, but need to be sewed. It’s a stretchy knit fabric, so I need to pick up some needles for the machine and serger. My only bone to pick is when people fit the costume and don’t turn it inside out. It’s much easier when you fit a garment to yourself inside out, the inside is already accessible for adjustments. You’re supposed to fit the garment right side out, but sometimes it’s easier to do some cheating – especially with knit fabrics. Stretch fabrics are extremely forgiving.


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