Macbeth! The Show!

We arrived at the theater just in time, since I took a very long time at the Body Worlds exhibit. But we got settled in our seats in the very first row and the action began! It’s an open stage, so the fighting and drama took place just inches and feet from ourselves. Carmen, the director, wanted a very Asian influence, and incorporated many southeastern Asian elements. The fighting was Japanese influenced, a mix of kendo with more fancy European and theatrical movements. It was extremely obvious, especially since Macbeth would raise his sword to block way before MacDuff came in to strike – but it looked extremely enthralling to the untrained eye. (Real sword fights aren’t pretty!) They used highly altered katanas. They were lightweight, meant for display, and the handles were severely cut down. The tsuba was replaced with one with more fancy filigree.

They used Indonesian and Chinese instruments. The music was very haunting and the actors were superb. My parents kept trying to talk during the program to me, ‘Which costumes did I sew? Which ones did I make?’ After the show, we inspected the playbills – My name is in the program! I’m listed with the production crew, under “Draper”. A picture of my from scratch, hand built costume is in there as well!

Vicki, the costume designer, said she talked to the photographer for me, and he has agreed to develop extra pictures for my portfolio.

All in all, a very good night.
I wish I was more excited about Macbeth, but I’ve seen so many snippets of the play between rehearsal and building the costumes that I wasn’t as jazzed about it as I would have been if it was my first, fresh look at it. But I was really proud.


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