Midsummer …Nightmare!

Long, over-dramatized story short: my help for the Puck costume had work and couldn’t help sculpt the foam. I’m not mad at her. But I am mad at the foam, or whatever it is, that I needed to sculpt. It was large, green, and absolutely impenetrable to anything thrown at it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of ceramics, throwing on the wheel, etc. so clay sculpting isn’t new business for me. But rock hard foam? The only thing I could manage at this thing was my swiss army knife. And even then, the pieces only chipped away at the size of a large postage stamp. It felt like lithics experimental archaeology all over again; making stone tools, and using them to dismember a bear. Or deer. Whichever.

Disappointed, I stumbled into Vicki’s office this morning. She wasn’t upset, mad, or anything negative about how I didn’t finish the headpiece and neckpiece because I spent the last who-knows-how-long chipping away at the stupid green block of evil. In fact, she was overjoyed. The mask maker did not make a mask that the director was satisfied with, so Vicki was overloaded with work trying to make this additional mask. She told the director that she was getting everything next week anyway, when the first dress rehearsal takes place.

The costume I am making is for Puck, in Midsummer’s Nights Dream. The play is being designed with a south eastern Asian influence, so Puck is looking a little unique with odd garments and sculpted, exaggerated breasts. However, the only stipulation is that this particular actress, as Puck, needs to perform on the aerial silks. So why am I making all of these extras? Who knows. But apparently the plan is to throw it all at the director and let them sort it out.

The pants are tight fitting around the calves and then grow larger about the thighs. The actress is supposed to be wearing fat pads on her thighs, but again, she needs to be on the aerial silks… so something has to give here. But anyway, the top is just an easy shirt. In fact, I was given a shirt which was absolutely the wrong size and needed to take it apart, re-pattern it, and then finish it. So basically… I needed to make the shirt from scratch. (It might have been easier!)

There is an outside belt which has many different… interesting things attached to it. It is quite heavy, and my light portable machine which I store here at school with me – did not cut it. I will be bringing this project home to my heavy duty Janome. The significant other asked when I bought the machine and serger, “When are you ever going to use them?” Aha! Extremely useful now. Well, useful now that I know how to use the serger and thread it, and I’m not scared of putting them in my car and traveling with them. I was absolutely horrified of even moving them about on my desk when I first got them.

Something I did not know: as production staff, I get 2 complementary tickets to every show I work on. Excellent.

Also in the works:
First outside commission, non-theater realated: Designing togas for extras in a music video! It’s for a regional band, but it’s pretty exciting nonetheless. Well, any paying job is exciting nonetheless…


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