How I Set Up Wireless on my PlayStation3 (PS3) to Work with a WRT54G Router

It’s not impossible, but tricky. Calling tech support never helps, so I suppose my answer is to try and fix it until either A) it works, or B) it breaks. In this case, I guess I got lucky.

On your router:
-Type to pull up the inner workings of your router. If you haven’t fiddled with anything, the login is probably just “admin” twice.
-In the WIRELESS tab, change the wireless channel to 11. Save settings.
-In the ADVANCED WIRELESS SETTINGS tab, change the beacon interval to 75, fragmentation threshold to 2306, and the RTS threshold to 2306. Save settings.
-Head to APPLICATIONS & GAMING and hit DMZ. Choose something below your router. Arbitrarily, I chose
-Disable uPnP.

On the PlayStation 3:
1. Disable Media Sharing. (If you’re just playing games, you probably won’t need this.)
2. Go to Network Settings, and when setting up the internet, do NOT choose “Easy”. Choose “Custom”.
3. When you get to your IP, manually enter whatever you put in the router under “DMZ”. If you don’t know the rest of your information, go into your computer’s command prompt (type “cmd” into RUN), and type “ipconfig /all”.
4. Disable uPnP.

If I had to grab at straws here, I think maybe the most important thing is to maybe give it a static IP. Or get DD-WRT firmware?


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