A New Project

My next job on my agenda is making some costumes for the band members and extras of a music video. Sweet! And I get paid! (Which I so desperately need…)

It appears that I have reached a very delicate situation here, in my life. I love costuming, and wish to pursue it further, but it seems that working anywhere in costuming would leave me with no benefits. Well, to make a long story short, I am applying to online master’s programs for a Library and Information Sciences degree. Hopefully I will snag something that will give me some health and dental. As my parents so truthfully remind me – I need money to build my fashion empire. Plus, I worked my butt off the past 4 years!

This is actually a very clever plan (I think). Vicki said that I need to get more work experience to add more to my portfolio. I plan on building my web store up, and trying to snag some commissions. I’m tentatively waiting to hear about a renaissance storefront. (If the renaissance storefront goes live, my goal would be to provide quality, awesome looking starter garb for a nominal price, accomplished through wholesale ordering, and fabric manipulation.) The devil is in the details. I don’t know what that phrase means, but I believe that quality garb is in the details. Plus, my own outfit is pretty basic because I never sew anything for myself, and the good stuff always goes to everyone else. Anyway, I’m also applying to local theaters as a costume stitcher and part-time overhire. Fingers crossed! but the most important thing is that I keep going to school to keep on receiving my family’s health insurance. My hours got cut at work, and there is a zero possibility of me getting those hours back – which I need to get insurance.

So, the plan is to work, build my skills, eventually take some classes hopefully for fashion & costume design and then quit my day job and fly solo. Or work part time, which is probably the most realistic here. A girl needs new shoes! I mean, eat.

My parents say if I get into making wedding attire, I’ll make a killing, and possibly be able to strike out with my own store. But for now, I wait. Because I need more school. I’ve been looking at all of my degrees online, since I hate the commute of school. The Library Science degree looks great, and fits in perfect with what I’ve been up to. Not the forensic and osteology part, but the historical preservation and document stuff. I’m also trying to come up with a financial plan for my costuming classes and degree, which I need to fund myself. I don’t want to end up immensely in debt, but I think with financial aid and some nominal loans I’ll be able to do it.


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