The Search for Treadle

In honor of Earth Day and my own interests for living in a sustainable manner, I have already decided that when the time comes, I’ll get a manual treadmill. (Hate walking outside in bad weather.) But what I really want is a treadle sewing machine.

Janome makes a treadle machine for the Amish community, as well as Necchi – or I might break down my old electronic machine and convert it to treadle. It was my first machine, has a few basic stitches, and we’ve had a lot of mileage and memories together.

However, I’ve been looking around and have had difficulty finding a treadle cabinet to mount the machine in. Many people have dismantled antique treadle cabinets to make stylish tables, or scavenge for parts. And sometimes brands are not interchangeable, unless you want to haul out the saw.

I can imagine that for the Amish community they might make their own cabinets to mount the machines in, but I’m no carpenter!

A great site, geared for the Amish community and specializing in powerless home appliances and other essential things is Lehmans. ( They sell composting toilets! Home butchering supplies! I’m in heaven! Now, I’m not a real country girl, but I am… something you can’t smack a label on I guess. But even I can get super excited about composting toilets.

And check out the books and articles, explaining how to make and build things yourself. Half of the stuff I’m not sure what in the world it’s for, but it’s for something useful. Like “Anyone Can Build a Tub-Style Mechanical Chicken Plucker Book”. Uhm, what?


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