Donations for Africa

I am kindly looking for donations of:

  • Cotton flannel
  • Cotton fabric, any color or print
  • Terry cloth (towels)
  • Thin cotton batting

I will use these materials to sew them into reusable cloth menstrual pads to send to the Sister Hope Pad Project. (

If you want more patterns for reusable pads, or want to get together with me to have a pad sewing party, leave a comment and let me know!

Why? Women in Africa do not have access to disposable items on a regular basis. When the aid money runs out, the pads and tampons run out as well. Plus, there is no garbage disposal system, and there are many social taboos about coming into contact with another’s blood. It is simply not a long-term, sustainable solution. Women and girls miss one week a month of school and work: 52 weeks. Reusable menstrual pads last from 5-7 years, and prevent women from using clay or rolled up newspapers as tampons to avoid embarrassment, missed school, and lost income.

Or, if you want to support the company with money, you can buy a bag of coffee from them which funds a micro-loan program for African women entrepreneurs.

My other project on the sewing table is scrubs. By June 1st, I need to wear dark navy blue scrubs to work. However, the ones you buy in the store are not made out of quality, long-lasting material. I want to sew up a few pairs for myself by then out of a soft, breathable cotton for the summer. They also need to have lots of pockets, since I carry a lot of pens, notes, etc.

Ron suggested that I just draft the pattern myself, which I probably would do if I didn’t have a deadline. Besides, I think that it would also be a good thing to have a graded pattern (of which I put zero effort into making) in case anyone else needs some scrubs. It’s not that big of a time and effort commitment to sew together a good quality scrub top. Super easy, minimal effort. I’m thinking about going out to tonight to pick out some fabric, but that depends on tired I am.

I’m pretty beat today: I just moved back to my hometown from college. The alarm went off at 5 AM and it started a 4 hour marathon of packing the car, handing in the keys, and playing a lot of car-Tetris to get everything to fit. Granted, I threw out a lot of things, but I’ve always been a pack-rat so it actually felt good to shed the extra weight. Today I filled up two (biodegradable) lawn bags full of clothes to take to the local Red Cross, and I’m still going! I’m trying to look at the big picture here: more room to sew now, less stuff to pack later when I move to wherever.

Something a little more pressing on my plate is what I am going to do for insurance. I’m not too worried about it, since I’m finishing up some applications for certification programs and whatnot. The panic will only set in if I get rejected from absolutely everything I apply for – then that is cause for panic. But for now, I’m enjoying my scholastic freedom.


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