I’m currently applying to teaching certification and nursing programs. I’m really excited about the nursing programs, but I need to take pre-requisite courses before I can actually delve into the actual program. Still doing costuming! Vicki has three jobs, actually – apparently it’s important to have a good day job.

It also turns out that I have insurance. Everyone’s relieved about this. I’m healthy, except for some crazy bad eyesight. With my insurance, I only have to pay about 200$ for a pair of eyeglasses – including the exam. That’s pretty awesome, I think.

I can start in the fall if I want to cover my bases for nursing. I need Sociology, Developmental Psychology, and a year of Anatomy and Physiology. I was super worried that I wouldn’t be in school at all during the fall this year, but it turns out that I was worrying about everything for nothing! Just having a bit of a panic, I suppose, trying to figure it all out at once. If I do spend a year working on the pre-requisites, instead of a second-degree bachelor’s of nursing, or a two-year nursing program, I could probably start applying to accelerated or direct-entry master’s for nursing. I keep trying to think about when and where, but it would help if I knew (picked) a date for my wedding.

I’m scheduled to take the Praxis II for teaching certification in the middle of June, and I’m studying for general Biology.

My sewing room is getting a bit of an overhaul. I’m trying to put my computer and a laser printer in here so I can print. Most importantly, I need to print about 100 pages for a sewing pattern. I can draft on the computer through a CAD program, but it’s all very basic. A long time ago my uncle gave me his AutoCAD CD, but I never delved too deeply into the advanced mechanics of it all.

Putting the printer and computer in my sewing room now requires me to move my fabric storage to my bedroom. And my bedroom… well, that’s very cramped. I’m cleaning out and giving a ton of stuff to the Red Cross, but I still haven’t made any real visible progress. I think it’s time to let go of my National Geographic collection. They go all the way back to the 1980’s.

My large wall unit probably doesn’t help. It’s made for a big screen TV, but I don’t have one, so it’s just a long, low shelf with oddly high side shelves.

I’m ordering my supplies for lip balm, cleaning, etc. from Majestic Mountain Sage. I’ve heard good things about them, and the prices are really great. Other than that stuff, I’ll probably get Fels Naptha soap and whatnot in bulk from the internet. That brownish off-color soap that’s great for washing poison ivy irritation in, is apparently the best laundry soap ever. I had no idea! All I need to do is learn how to cook, now. Well, cook something besides Korean food. Unfortunately, I have very little love for making anything else, since I don’t really eat anything else. I get so psyched learning about cooking though, but when I’m in the kitchen, I’m a deer in headlights. Serology lab, check. Toxicology lab, check. Tearing already mauled cadavers apart and putting them back together? Check. Making a turkey? Eww. I don’t want to touch it’s insides. And if it’s a fish? I don’t want to even look at it. They stare at you. I have this thing about eyeballs.


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