Resident Evil 5 Review

Ron and I are pretty much done with Resident Evil 5. Now that I’ve almost completed the game, I feel confident that I can go back and replay the levels to completion without getting the heebie-jeebies too much. I’m terrible with the horror genre. Even Shaun of the Dead gave me nightmares.

But here’s what we did:
The game is made for two players. If you don’t have a player 2, the computer will take over the role of your partner.
I took Chris, while Ron took the role of Chris’ partner, Sheva. My only recommendation is that Sheva should be the long-range character. In our case, I’m always long range because getting close to the zombified enemies freaks me out too much. Also, it makes me nervous to be so close to the enemy! When I played WoW, I was always the healer. It’s my thing.

Anyway, Sheva should definitely be focusing on distance shooting. If you fully upgrade the S75 through Sheva, a longbow with unlimited ammunition unlocks. It costs 50,000 and does not help you aim. If you fully upgrade the VZ61 machine gun through Chris, you unlock a gatling gun for 50,000 as well with unlimited munitions. It’s accuracy is low, but makes up for it with quantity. By fully upgrading the M92F, you unlock a Beretta M93R. It fires in three round bursts, but has no critical or piercing rating.

Ron and I have split it up like this:
As Chris, I mainly wield the M92F, almost fully upgraded. However, I just got the Desert Eagle and I’m absolutely in love with it. However, it uses magnum ammunition which is rare throughout the game. My favorite rifle is the S75 if I need to take out a long range target with no pressure, since it is bolt-action. However, I just got the H&K PSG1, and I am really loving it. You are able to upgrade the scope, can hold up to 15 rounds, and the reload time is significantly less. Sometimes I use this in a semi-close range setting in conjunction with Ron’s short range firepower – he’ll knock them back, and I will take them out. With this usage, the scope has not been upgraded at all. With the upgrades, it’s immensely useful for extremely long-range targets. (Such as BSAA emblems.) In all honestly, my accuracy is best with the un-upgraded scope on the H&K PSG1. IMHO, the reticule is easier for me to use, but I have an easier time re-targeting enemies after Ron blasts them away with his shotgun.

In this fashion, I am using only handgun, magnum, and rifle ammo. Ron, as the short-range munitions gal, wields a machine gun and shotgun. Not sure what exactly he’s using, but if I had to guess, it’s maybe a Hydra and either a SIG 556 or AK-74. He does not use a handgun at all. Because the ammunition is split, there is no contest over ammo finds.

There are some parts of the game where only one character can advance, and then is required to complete a task in order to let the other advance as well. Ron, by wielding the short-range weapons has encountered some difficulty with Sheva getting through these encounters.

The story?
It picks up right where Resident Evil 4 left off, but not without some gaps. The most noticeable difference is that Chris is now amazingly ripped. I’m guessing that they wanted to give the inference that in the gap of time, Chris started to hit the gym, but with the size of his biceps – I would guess he’s on steroids, too. But for a story lover like me, the game definitely delivered. It’s nothing too detailed, but just enough to make me feel like I’m actually running through this deathtrap of a zombie-fest for a reason.

I love being the woman. In fact, with all of my RPG playing – I have always been a woman. (Maybe it’s because I AM a woman. But I don’t know. It could be anything.) This was a new experience for me that I haven’t minded, but for a very simple reason: Ron and I play Resident Evil 5 offline. We network together through a program called Hamatchi, and gaming is made possible by a program called TeknoGods. It’s much easier to be the “host” of a game, which in this instance would be Chris. Itching to get the technological details set aside and jump into the game – I opted to be the host. I am immensely grateful for this setup for another reason as well. Windows LIVE is incredibly annoying. Although I only had my XBOX for a few days before I traded it in for a PS3, the interface and accompanying noises bugged the brains out of me. Seriously. If you’re stuck between gaming consoles, go for the PS3. The online play is free with no subscription fees. The interface is easier to use, more elegant looking, and setting it up won’t leave you ripping your hair out. It comes with a wireless adapter already built into the thing, so you basically just need to plug it in, set up your profile, and you’re good to go.

Back to Resident Evil…
It’s not a straight up shooter. There are puzzles, and many instances where you need to use the partnership system. You won’t have a heart attack like I almost did during Half-Life – you get fair warning when a pack of zombies are about to ambush you sometimes. There may either be a short cut-scene, or if you’re very clever, you’ll see a small bit of them while they’re hiding. And if the door’s closed, you should always be wary – but that’s just good common sense.

This game requires you to be able to shoot. High powered enemies sometimes have anatomical soft spots which you need to hit in order to down them, and many times it’s a very small target. BSAA emblems are hidden throughout the game, which require a steady hand and often a strong scope to hit. By shooting all 30 emblems in the game, you can unlock Easter Eggs such as special costumes, among other things. I’ll probably say something about it once I get all the targets. (Sheva gets a teeny “tribal outfit” bikini complete with body paint, and Chris gets a zebra suit. Yes. A zebra striped outfit. I think it’s definitely worth it.)

However, I’m apparently super awesome with rifles. Especially sniper rifles – so I’ve been doing well on that front. I think the key is to just relax and get a feel for the movement of the enemies. They’ll dodge, jump, evade, and do everything they can to avoid you, but they also pause to reload, find a target, etc. The only enemies that scare me are the really tall guys in the masks in the “tribal” areas, and the guys with spiked shields. I’m not so good with machine guns, and I think it’s because I panic when I’m too close to… anything, really. If you check my achievements and scores, I have quite a few harmless animal kills. Whoops.

All in all…
It’s always useful to keep a grenade or rocket launcher around. Both, really. I think the grenade launcher has been the most useful since you will be able to eventually buy explosive, acid, flame, and flash rounds for it at a very inexpensive price.

Everything else that is important…
*You get a knife, but it’s useless for anything but smashing boxes and vases for loot.
*When you shoot an enemy at close range, you will push them back. You will then get a chance to melee them for a high amount of damage.
*This game is in real time. There is no pausing.
*You can only carry 9 items at a time, and store the rest in your inventory. You can exchange items with your partner, but it’s done in real time. The fight doesn’t stop.
*Even though it’s a cut-scene, you probably still need to control your character.
*You cannot buy ammunition. You can only use what you find, so use wisely, and learn how to shoot!
*You can only buy a weapon once you find it in-game.
*Keep some first aid on you, but if you’re out, you can still resuscitate your partner from ‘dying’ and restore them to ‘just-at-the-brink-of-death’.
*Some fights are not about firepower, but rather about survival.
*Sunlight lasers are hot, and will kill you, but somehow the giant zombies will survive. Go figure.
*RE5 has their own brand of the “red-shirt” guys.


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