Sometimes, people really amuse me. And I need to write it all down.

* Why were you always buying makeup? And taking pictures? You never wear makeup!
Nothing skeevy going on here. I used to wear heavy makeup to cover up a large Harry-Potter-esque  scar on my forehead. I also wore makeup when taking pictures of my costumes – (I wore them just because they fit me) – to put inside of my art portfolio. I swear! The only reason I haven’t posted pictures is because I don’t have a scanner. And all the costumes on my Facebook are 1-2 day building exercises that my professor wanted us to do from scrap fabrics. We had a party on a Wednesday in our horrible, horrible outfits.

My life really isn’t as interesting as people may guess it is.


So… I’m on a soap mission. I’ve pretty much figured out that soap is soap is soap, and by adding just a few different ingredients gives it a different purpose.

Here’s what I’ve got so far for soap bases:

Soap from Soap Shavings (Body wash, hand soap, etc.)
-Grate 2 cups of soap.
-Boil 2-3 cups of water. (Probably want to lower the heat after this.)
-Add shavings, stir until it thickens up.
-Let sit overnight.
-Add oils if you want. (Essential, jojoba, etc.)
-Add ½ white vinegar for dish liquid.

Dish liquid from Castile Soap
-Add 2 cups of liquid castile soap with ½ cup of warm water.
-Add essential oils if you want.
-Shake well.
-½ cup of lemon juice of white vinegar works great for grease fighting. I’d go with white vinegar because it doesn’t go bad.

Liquid Castile Soap from Solid Castile Soap
-Grate 2 bars of castile soap.
-Add to 4 cups of water over low heat.
-Stir in 2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin.
-Once dissolved, put in airtight jar.

Solid Castile Soap from Scratch (Without Coconut)
I’m allergic to coconut, that’s why. (When I eat it. I don’t really want to find out how bathing myself in it will work out.)
-Melt 2 ounces of beeswax perles, beads, etc. into 2 pounds of pure olive oil. PURE.
-Heat should be about 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a candy thermometer.
-Put on lab safety glasses. (Really.)
-Add 4-5 ounces of sodium hydroxide.  (NaOH). Add slowly. Make sure you ventilate your space.
-When it traces – (once you can start to draw designs in the mixture? thickens up a bit?) – you can add essential oils if you want any.
-Pour into molds. Cover with freezer paper, wrap the whole thing in a towel. Let it sit for 24 hours.
-Unwrap it, let it sit 12 hours.
-Remove soap. If you poured it into a giant pan, cut it now.
-Let it dry out for 2 weeks. (Curing)


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