Project Updates

Dog and I will be spending the day cleaning out my sewing area and just – cleaning up in general. It seems to be the week for cleaning – Ron’s been tackling his house, and I’m tackling my own (half) house.

Finally got some new Dr. Marten’s (1460)! They’re my favorite shoes. I also want to get some boots from their Diva collection, but that will have to wait until I have more monies. I thought that maybe my boot phase was just a phase – but it apparently turns out that it’s a part of my human soul. I felt incomplete without my Dr. Marten’s.

In unrelated news, my next month is going to be filled with standardized testing. I’m currently hunting around for some night classes to kick off my grad school experience. I’m also looking for any sort of vet tech class since I feel like I don’t have enough experience. (Which I don’t.) My boss is rotating me around the hospital to de-sanitize me from human-pharmacy and familiarize me with veterinary-pharmacy. I’m also glad because it’s a great break from all my personal outside-of-work drama, and it’ll give me a chance to breathe a little.

Finally got a digital camera (found my old one after 2 years) so I can take pictures of my actual projects… Which are now housed in the theater, but you can see them on the promotional stuff. The only new stuff in the works that I will actually be keeping is just a bunch of new renaissance gear and scrub pants. (I vastly overestimated my waist size on my current scrub pants, so they just fall off all day.) To be honest, I’ve been doing a lot of pattern drafting & redrafting – much more than actual sewing. My sewing stuff has been buried underneath the carnage of moving. Anyway, the newest thing on the table are just classes that I’m taking for sewing, drafting, and reproducing historical costumes.

However, I did gain a dog in the moving deal – so I consider it a good day. It’s forced me to throw out a bunch of extraneous junk, which has felt great. My possessions can now be boiled down to half sewing, half books, and a pinch of essentials. (Sadly? Awesomely?)


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