My Textile Love Affair

Nowadays… I’m getting into “sustainable” and “green” and “do-it-yourself”. Whatever I need to tell myself to avoid thinking about how I have no money. Ron really loves some of the shirts from LL Bean, but we were shopping online the other night – and one shirt was going for $54.95. Uhm… no way! I’ve always wanted to start foraying into tailoring – and I guess there is no other time than now! I already have a pattern (from my own stock) and I’m hoping to take advantage of the post-holiday fabric sales to stock up on fabric for Ron over the year.

But first on my list is everyone’s pants – I need to tailor my dad’s pants, Ron’s pants… and as much as hemming pants makes me want to hurl – it needs to be done! And I’m wicked good at it. *boastboastboast*

I love fiber. I love fabric, sewing, touching everything at the fabric store, crocheting, knitting a little, (no spinning, though) – but I love it. However, I’ve been crocheting for a really long time… doilies? Done it, now bored. I love the really tiny crochet lace look – but it takes a long time, and I’ve looked at this stuff so much that I just can’t get jazzed about it. Afghans? It’s a rectangle! I can’t stay awake. Sweaters? Crochet sweaters just have a way of looking… not right. My new thing is shawls. It’s not really typical for me. I have enough blankets. If I want one, I’ll sew one. If I want a cardigan, I’ll sew it. But shawls… I think that’s where crochet can shine. And my new thing is large crochet – large, bulky doilies. Large, bulky designs. It can still be intricate – but I like it large. It works up super fast, gives me a good sense of satisfaction, and still tickles my brain. Or I like to work simply and burn though Star Trek Voyager – which seems to be my new thing. I like it. Large means I can zip through a project while barely looking at my hands – and still indulge my inner nerd. I am also embarking on writing up my own crochet patterns. I can’t do amigurumi. I have in the past… but it’s just so uninteresting to me… I got really into those cute little Japanese whatever-they-are things, but most of it is very small crochet that’s dragged out over who knows how long, and I’m pretty sure that I have all the tawashi I need. I’m looking into ipponbari knitting – it’s real knitting with a crochet hook. It’s not tunisian, or anything like that – it’s real knitting with a modified crochet hook. I’ll have to check back here once I form an opinion. I figure, even though I knit continental, knitting still bores me to tears (I don’t know why! I wish I had the strength to sit through a sweater. I really do.) maybe this will hold my attention.

Yep. I’ve took a December break from sewing for the moment – it’s been cold in my studio, and my dad needed to borrow my propane tank a couple times. I’m also trying to clean up and organize my supplies… I think a trip to The Container Store and Ikea is in order… but I’m ready to jump back into my work queue.

I’m also shopping around for some wool coating and whatnot. I think it’s time for a new cloak. Also, I have a bolt of salmon wool flannel – I want to make another Italian dress, about late 1400’s, but I’m not sure how the salmon pink will look. I bought the bolt because it was on sale. I first used it when I had a garb incident – some mice died in my closet and I ended up having a wardrobe purge. I traced around myself and raced to the SCA event (after working a 12 hour shift)… not one of my brightest moments, but at least I had something to wear. It’s now going to become… maybe viking. But it’s pink. I don’t know, maybe I’ll dye it. Or keep it just to wear… just because. I find that my garb is oftentimes warmer than my regular clothing. Or a wool corset, I really don’t know how to re-purpose this dress! I might just cut the top of it off and make an Edwardian sort of walking skirt. Or it’ll end up as part of my scrap quilt?

I think I should try naalbinding. Looks good!

My hair is not getting down to my butt. I now need to frequent “” and others to try and get tips on how to deal with it…


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