Late Victorian Corset

I’ve decided to work off of a 19th century pattern for my corset. I’m not sure why. I’m almost certain that it’s going to cause a lot of headache – compared to myself, the woman the pattern was made for had quite a gifted bust with a long torso – two things that I am not in possession of. But I guess there’s a bit of happy nostalgia in there somewhere about the oncoming project. All I need to buy is a busk, the boning is sitting on my couch, and the fabric is floating around here… somewhere.

My rules of corset making and wearing:
-The floating ribs are compressed and folded in and down. I need to breathe through my chest. Not panic and die.
-Don’t mess with the sciatic nerve. That’s a good part of my body.
-Any numbness, tingling, etc. and it needs to loosen up. It’s not going to go away.
-Just because I can lace really tight doesn’t mean I should, start small and work in over time. I guess spreading around my adipose isn’t instantaneous. I’m always reminded of that Dr. Who episode…


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