Prelude to a Kiss, Crochet Master Class Review

The local community theater is putting on Prelude to a Kiss by Craig Lucas. It’s very different from the movie – and in my opinion, more enjoyable. I have volunteered myself to costume design for the cast! The show starts in three weeks, so I need to move fast. My goal for this weekend is to get some rough renderings to quickly pass by the director this Saturday, as well as get a costume list going. It’s been a while, so I frequently refer to my copy of “The Costume Designer’s Handbook” by Rosemary Ingham and Liz Covey. It is a book that you really can’t live without. It does not cover sewing. Instead, it covers the production process and how to organize yourself. For the costume part, they also have a book called “The Costume Technician’s Handbook” which is a really great sewing resource.

I also have a new favorite crochet book called “Crochet Master Class” by Jean Leinhauser. The book is for experienced and advanced crocheters, and covers many diverse topics in crochet such as Bruges lace and entrelac. What I love about it – is that I am not bored out of my mind! It goes beyond what I call “traditional” crochet, and into something more stimulating. Each technique is accompanied with a pattern. In my opinion, the techniques are not impossible for intermediate crocheters. It’s a refreshing book.

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