Dresses Galore

I just spent a lot of money on a custom MayFaire Moon. A lot of money. So much money that I really, really, really shouldn’t have. But I love MayFaire Moon, I’m going to wear it to a lot of events/faires/whatever and I really wanted to support MayFaire Moon. So I have a vested interest in keeping this baby pristine. The skirt isn’t lined, so I think my next sewing project will be sewing up a petticoat or lining for it so the silk dupioni isn’t destroyed. I was also hoping to get some more mileage out of it by sewing some Victorian pieces to pair with it, but it’s tricky. The dress is a deep wine color, and the ribbons are white and silver. I’m not sure what kind of color scheme I can go with for any other clothing pieces to match with it…

In other news, I might go back to my original decision of sewing my own wedding attire. Everything is so expensive and I already have no money. In fact, I have negative money. This semester has been really tough on me. I don’t work enough hours and I work for free way too much (but for school – so it’s necessary). I’m not sure how this whole wedding thing works – but I have a sneaky suspicion that invitations, favors and the like will financially fall onto me… which I cannot afford. I’ll probably just print out something on regular computer paper and mail it. Whatever – that’s not the important part!

I’m mostly upset about teaching. I’m working 24/7. I’m forced to buy my own supplies for the kids. It’s draining me of every last penny I own. I come home and cry every day. The kids are out of control, it’s emotionally draining, and I have no time to myself because I am either writing papers or writing lesson plans. I haven’t sewn in a very, very, very long time, and it’s making me a world-class grumpaloo.

My dream is to go back to school for costume design. My *dream*. I’m starting to think… fuck money – just do it!

To help me through my depression (otherwise known as being a 3rd-grade art teacher) I will put into writing my goals for 2011:

*Learn to pattern-draft a corset
*Learn to fit a corset properly
*Improve pattern drafting skills
*Improve sewing technique
*Make myself garb to replace the garb I lost 2-3 years ago in the great dead-mice-nest-accident and garb to replace the garb I have that doesn’t fit anymore because I lost like 50 pounds since high school
*Work at the Renaissance Faire
*Make myself Victorian clothing
*Try and sell some of my stuff

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