What have I been up to?

I’ve been super busy! And I still am. But here is what I have been up to…

Been busy trying to be an art teacher. I need to start making money. Word of advice to future forensic anthropologists – you need advanced degrees. Don’t take a break after getting you bachelor’s. Keep going!

School has been consuming my life… and it’s not even school. I’m just getting certified to teach, that’s the crazy part about it! Anyway, I seem to be stuck between trying to decide what to study for graduate work…

  • Go for costume/fashion design. This is my passion. I really want to specialize in corsetry. I want to learn more, throw myself in – and go for it! This is not a good idea to make money, I think. But I love creating things with my hands. I love even more when the things I create act as a catalyst for human emotion.
  • Pharmacy. My interview with the MA College of Pharmacy went pretty well. It would take me a while to do some pre-requisites, but they said my prospects were looking pretty good. I’m really interested in pharmacy, I like it, but I don’t really get as much satisfaction out of it as making something with my hands.
  • Art Therapy. These kids with their emotionally disturbed minds intrigue me, and I like teaching them art. Not as much as making my own art, though. Yep. I’ve had my share of dark times in my life. I draw a lot of my empathy and understanding from that.
  • That’s it. Those are my three options. UNH has a program option where they mash costume design with an MAT in teaching together. This might be my most practical choice. After all – my favorite costume design professor was, of course, a professor and a costume designer. I think I need to accept that if I go down this path I will probably need to work two jobs.

I’m eager to wrap up all of my work so I can get back to my crash course in corsetry. My goal is to produce waist training underbusts for myself.


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