Something About Passion, Creativity & Purpose in Life

Peek into the brain of a forensic anthropologist… gone designer… something…

Even if you know me, you may not know about the driving force behind most of my actions. Throughout my life, I have had one obsession, pushing me through my actions and consequences. My obsession is death. It’s pushed me to pursue forensic anthropology, and in the same vein, the theater. I’ve become passionate about costume and fashion design. The two have a lot in common actually. Death is a beautiful design. There’s no reason for our evolution towards a peaceful death – but it is there. It is a gradual process which can take months to complete. Our bodies are wired to make the transition pleasant. Or even in unnatural death – there’s a fascinating, grotesque process of making the transition from living to dead. On the other side of the coin, life has it’s own strange, complex design which I am still trying to figure out. But the theater brings clarity to it. It’s a pure, untainted catalyst for human soul, emotion, and experience. It’s timeless; a pristine design. The costumes are not only costumes – they are a vehicle in their own right, able to capture your consciousness and transport it through the narrow window of theater. It focuses you. It moves you. Life is its own facade, a costume we wear until our show is over. What we wear says unspoken volumes about us. How confident we are, our worldview, our character. It’s a vehicle of focus that enables you to hone in on life’s design. The ironic part of our costume is that it is a constant cycle of reuse and recycling. Life is a process of reuse and recycling. The business of death is really a business of life. I would argue that they are really one and the same.

Isaac Mizrahi sums it up best: “Style makes you feel great because it takes your mind off the fact that you’re going to die.”


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