Heat Wave

This heat-wave has been repelling me from my sewing “studio”. R asks why I call it my studio. One definition of a studio is a place where an artist can work. So… I suppose it can be a studio, even though it is only half of a basement. I technically live in the other half, anyway!

I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to set time aside for me to sew. My level of happiness has increased significantly. I already threw together a quick black linen dress, black skirt, altered a bunch of old clothes from my brother’s fiancee for myself, am sketching up some designs, discovered Alexander Henry fabric (skulls, yay!)

Right now I am starting to apply for jobs so I can start making a living. And get married. And move. So money is a little short. I used to buy tons of books about sewing, but they’re all pretty much the same, you’re really just paying for photographic inspiration, I feel.So I was inspired to finally add to my library something very important – my very own binder of useful tips and techniques. No more “I don’t remember how I did that”‘s and time lost to confusion. Yay!

In other news, I am learning how to use the DVORAK keyboard. My brain is spinning. I already use QWERTY and Korean, so I figured – why not add one more to the mix. It’s supposed to be a lot more efficient. Seven of Nine would approve.

So far, my binder shelf is looking like:

  • Art Teaching Resources
  • Important Wedding Stuff
  • Italian Ren Garb Info/Research
  • General Sewing Info/Research
  • Theater Stuff (Extra measurement sheets, actor’s measurement files, whatnot.)
And I cannot stress enough to anybody – measure anyone who is not you in centimeters. Teach yourself how to do it. I was measuring actors – and they all have something to say about their measurements… “My waist is a 36 not 39!” (1. Vanity sizing will deceive you. 2. I also automatically add seam allowance if I already designed a pattern.) It’s just easier for me that way… so it was tricky trying to remember what in the world was going on at times.
So… to keep my methods consistent, I just started writing it all down in centimeters.
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