Jogging Thoughts: X-Men Discontinuities

I’d rather be in bed, but I slough my tubby self to the treadmill. It starts with a slow walk and the wish of chocolate frozen yogurt in my hands. The slow walk turns into a slow jog. My body feels as if my bones are being smashed into a concrete slab. My willpower drains… then something magical happens. My feet find a rhythmic beat. My breathing slows to easy. My body relaxes into blissful comfort. Until I start thinking about how much working out sucks. But I push my pessimistic personality aside and leave room for the important thoughts of life to enter. Thoughts such as:

  • Since when are Wolverine and Sabretooth brothers? Apparently since Wolverine’s movie.
  • And in ‘Wolverine’ – Silver Fox doesn’t regenerate? She affects people’s thoughts by touching them?
  • Her sister is a young Emma Frost, even though she’s an adult in ‘First Class’?
  • Mystique is really young in ‘First Class’? I thought the comics hinted that she was over 100?
  • Tempest is in ‘First Class’?
  • Darwin is in ‘First Class’? And dies?
  • Professor X walks in ‘Wolverine’ but is paralyzed in ‘First Class’?
  • Wade Wilson is super awesome with swords in ‘Wolverine’ and doesn’t have cancer?
  • So many questions about the Dark Phoenix saga in the movie…
  • Bradley the technopath… huh? Why are so many people dying/different roles/from different backgrounds?
  • Are the movies some sort of parallel universe?
  • Stryker isn’t a grief stricken preacher?
  • Maverick is Asian?
  • Victor kills everybody?
  • Prof. X and Mystique grew up together?
My brain can’t handle it!
Also, a while ago – I read a Marvel comic called “Marvel Divas”. I’ll just let you chew over that one, but – I did enjoy it for various reasons. It makes sense that radiation superpowers would give you breast cancer. And that your ex-husband, the devil’s son, would give you some relationship problems.

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