I lost my super-awesome sewing-on-the-go kit. It had lots of good quality stuff – never buy those pre-packaged “sewing kits” they are crap!

  • The needle threader included with those pre-packaged kits are only good for one use. Then they will break. This is an official law of the universe. Invest in a good one.
  • Buy thimbles that are super comfortable for your style. Do not skip this – do not learn the hard way with an ER trip for a needle through your finger.
  • Retractable tape measure.
  • Embroidery snips.
  • Regular scissors.
  • Glass jar of safety pins.
  • Bobby pins.
  • Extra buttons, elastic, hook and loop fastener, etc.
  • White and black thread.
  • Varied hand needles.
  • Ergonomic seam ripper, a really nice one. (This is my best friend.)
  • Extra jewelry findings.

So I will cheer myself up with some reminders…

Arctica’s Sewing Rules of Acquisition

  • Never buy trim from the craft store. Always buy in bulk.
  • Never buy needles from the store – always, always buy in bulk. Change needles with every project.
  • Clean machines and oil at least every week. Always buy thread in bulk, the best you can afford. Buy compressed air to help keep machines free of debris.
  • Never buy fabric from retail chain stores. Buy local from fabric wholesalers or online in bulk. Buy in bulk when the price is good and build up a stash.
  • In fact, stay away from retail chain craft stores, and buy in bulk.
  • Sewing supplies can be bought very cheap and in very good quality from cleaners/tailors/dressmakers suppliers.

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