Happy Post-Holidays

Happy After Holidays! Hope everyone survived the season – I did! I wrapped up another semester of teaching, which was pretty revolutionary for me. It was the first time that I was not teaching in the poorest inner city of New Jersey, and it was quite an eye opener! For the first time, I did not end a week with flat tires, dealing with gang fights, shootings across the street from the school, or dealing with alcohol and drug paraphernalia on the playground. I had a great time, the kids were amazing, I got to teach a lot of art, and work with a lot of autistic children – and I cried so hard when I had to leave. It was great. 

I’m glad that the universe/divine had set me on this path (not like I have any say against that kind of force or anything). Everyday I’m getting a clearer picture of what I want to do with my life and where I want to go with it, so I am grateful. I am always trying to express gratitude in my life – it makes me a happier person and it makes life easier for everyone else to live with me. (My family has had to contend with extended periods of time where I have been applying to almost every funeral home I can find. The only thing standing between me and mortician-ship is an apprenticeship!) However, as much as I love it, live people are kind of growing on me. I’m getting more and more interested in looking for ways to combine working with disturbed/disabled/etc. children (xD) and art. I’m sure it’ll all work out! But I’m a lot more relaxed about life and where my life is going now that more of the wedding/life/etc. stuff has been taken care of. I kept on saying to myself “I’m not stressed”, but I really was stressed – I think any long distance relationship will add a good, thick layer of stress. 

Anyway, I think I’m also de-stressed because it’s winter vacation! I’m not in school, and I’m not teaching in school, hahahahaha.

Well, I had originally wanted to talk about my sewing exploits here so here’s what has been going on during the busiest period of my life EVER! (Seriously. I do not recommend going to school full time, and then teaching full time as well. Awful!) 

However, I have managed to make:

  • Molecule plushies!
  • …that’s about it.

It’s been a really busy semester. However, I have been working on a lot of art… while coming up with art lesson plans for the kids. So I’ve done a lot of… paper weaving, box robots, color mixing…

I’ve been experimenting with some stuff on my own, though:

  • Creating egg, beer, and milk tempera.
  • Drawing.
  • Incorporating textiles into mixed media art.
  • Frame loom weaving.
  • Spinning fiber/creating art yarn.

So I have still been able to have some fun this semester! I’ll have to try and take some pictures and upload them…

I’m also looking at some schools. I’m not sure where I will be, so I am mostly looking at hybrid/online programs. 

  • Saint Mary of the Woods – Masters in Art Therapy
  • Academy of Art University – Fashion Design
  • Savannah College of Art and Design – Art Education 
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