I’m not a good decorator of anything.

I’m trying to get inspired to decorate… something. Maybe this will help.

These are a few of my favorite things…

  • Stork scissors.
  • Natural fabric; linen, wool.
  • Earthy colors.
  • Monochrome; gray-scale.
  • Victorian inspired; lace.
  • Things that are simple.
  • Gothic, without being sad.
  • Pretty; feminine.
  • Classically beautiful shoes.
  •  Fleur de Lis; elegant swirls.
  • Damask; jacquards.
  • Silver; gold; metallic, yet antiquated.
  • Dark wood.
  • Roses; cherry blossoms.


I’ve added a new category to my blog – I’ve been so busy lately that I don’t really blog about my sewing adventures very much because they are in short supply lately. So I have added a new category of “work”. I’m really sorry about the possibly new graphic nature of my blog… but it’s work. I’ve spent about… 2 years trying to work in a field other than what I went to school and aspired to. I tried veterinary, pharmacy, customer service, whatever – but it has all been pretty unbearable and unfulfilling. It all involves living people! (Har, har.)  As horrendous as this seems, there has always been a strange, grotesque catharsis in my life with death. I am not emotionless. In fact, I am overly emotional about the subject. But it’s been a strong, unwelcome theme in my life – one which I have apparently embraced. So I’m back on my professional road of the business of death. It’s apparently the only thing I’m good at and have the potential to make a living from.

Somewhere between studying cranial remains of all kinds of trauma – my intrigue began to build. The human mind is a fascinating, uncharted water, but it’s remains – even more so! I saw sword, mace, accidental, all kinds of crazy/awesome trauma. I also have a slight interest about how long one can live after being beheaded. The jury’s out on this one – but there was one account from a car accident survivor that always stuck with me. (The jury is also out on the accuracy of accounts from people who went through extreme trauma, but anyway…) He and his best friend were driving, when they got into an accident. He awoke from brief unconsciousness to see his friend had been beheaded during the accident. His friend (now just a head) opened his eyes to see his body, separated from his head. His face expressed first terror, then grief, then finally came to rest. That’s a mindfuck.

Anyway, where I was going with the story – I saw some crazy sword wounds to the head. That were partially healed. Which meant that these people were living through intense pain, infection, injury – what do you think when this has happened to you? I have no idea, but I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to live through that. I was going to link this to a guy I saw ripped apart into pieces from texting while driving. So don’t text and drive, kiddos. That’s how you end up in my hands, getting pieced back together, so I can decide if someone murdered you or not. Or piecing you back together for educational purposes, depending on what kind of decisions you’ve made during life about your remains. Or piecing you back together for cremation, because if you’ve reached me, honestly – you’re in no shape for an open casket.

So anyway – this is me, really excited – I’m getting applications out, pushing my resume out, looking at grad schools – I am super eager to get back into the game, elbows deep in organs, bones, and… stuff. YAY. And this is why I never talked/talk about what I learned in school. I started looking at other career alternatives because I cared too much about what other people thought. Well – screw that! Life is too short to be miserable. I’m getting pretty driven to do whatever makes me happy because dammit – one thing I love about death is that life gets eighty bajillion times sweeter. So live it up. We have a pretty depressing final destination. Or not, if you hate your life. Whatever makes you happy.